Super Mario Bros

It is not a secret that game is able to choose as an entertainment option when you feel so stress. Running activities every single day makes people need time to take a rest while enjoying their favorite entertainment whether playing the game, listening to the music, and much more. When you then choose to play the game, will you play Super Mario Bros? In these days, the technology can change this game to be a digital one. This legendary game is still able to find even in the era where people prefer to play an online game. Now, we have the ease to play any kinds of the game, such as by using Smartphone. We can install as many games as possible depending on our desire.

When you suddenly remember this great game, honestly, I have the desire to play it more. Well, while they weren't the first characters to be featured in video games, Mario, Luigi, and even Princess peach captured our heart. Besides that, it also helped define today's video game industry as we know it. When there is something reminds us of this game, you may be curious about things we probably never know previously. Wait! Do you like the mushrooms in this game? The mushrooms from the Maria Bros games are based on real ones. It was made with the psychedelic effects. The player may feel that they are growing in size when consuming it. Did you ever let a chain chomp tug on its chain 49 times in this game? If you did it, it means that the game would break free.

All players of this game surely are familiar with Luigi. This name actually comes from a pun on the Japanese word "Ruiji" which means "similar". Perhaps, that is why Luigi is similar to Mario. What image of Mario can you keep in your mind?

Facts about Tetris game

However, we can't deny that the classic game still has its popularity even until this modern era. Did you like to play Tetris when you were a child? Here, we are going to talk about the fact of this legendary game. When talking about this game, of course, I am aware that this game is older than me. It just celebrated its 30th birth on June 6th. In fact, the blocking-rocking computer classic is one of the most addictive and the best game that many people love to play more and more.

This is the game with a complex history. Don't you know? The game was created by a Russian engineer named Alexey Pajitnov. For your additional information, he made the game while working for the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Yes, it has one of the messiest legal histories in the gaming world. Perhaps, it is the reason why Tetris is finally listed as one of the most legendary games.

Do you want to play Pac-Man?

Just because you are born in the 1990s, it doesn't mean you are not familiar with Pac-Man, right? This is an arcade game developed by Namco. It was released for the first time in Japan. Important to know, this game is considered one of the classics of the medium, and an icon of the 1980s. While it is right that this game was created by Japanese video game designer named, it was licensed for the distribution in the US by Midway.

If you think that replaying Pac-Man seems like the best way to value your childhood, will you find the right place to get the game? Well, when you have the difficulties to play this game, instead, you can choose the game which is made similar to your favorite game Pac-Man. In these days, digital or online games may attract people. Otherwise, some years ago, many people both adult and children played the classic games.

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